The Wonky Food Company supplies Blenheim Palace

23rd Jun, '18

Visitors from all over the world had the opportunity to taste The Wonky Food Company’s launch range of relishes as they went on sale in the Blenheim Palace East Courtyard Shop this weekend.

The Wonky team were on hand to talk to customers and show examples of some of the misshapen fruit and veg that go into their products.

The Oxfordshire business joins other local food and drink producers whose products feature in-store as part of Blenheim’s commitment to supporting local businesses.

The Wonky Food Company started from a kitchen table in the village of Combe, which borders the grounds of Blenheim Palace. Last month, the company launched its first range of relishes as part of The Blenheim Food Festival, a three day annual event held in the palace grounds.

Ashley Cavers, co-founder of The Wonky Food Company, said “we started our journey within walking distance of the palace, so it is only fitting that it should be among our first customers. People come from all over the world visit Blenheim, so being in their shop is a great way to spread the word about our products and of our wider efforts to help tackle the global problem of food waste.”