About Us

Who are we?

The Wonky Food Company was started by a team of passionate foodies, committed to tackling food waste by creating great-tasting products that make use of imperfect and surplus fruit & veg.

Our Story

Way back in 1997 while backpacking around New Zealand, John was earning a little cash for Christmas working on a fruit farm outside of Kerikeri. His job was to walk under the kiwi fruit vines and pick off any misshapen fruit, throwing it to the ground to rot. Dismay at this pointless waste stayed with him.

Fast forward nearly two decades and John is sitting with his sister, Ashley, in a bar in Barcelona (as you do) sheltering from a sudden downpour. With the help of a few mojitos, they cemented the idea for their business, Wonky Fruit, which had been rattling around for some time.

Back in Oxford, with neighbour Laura (who can actually cook) on board, they started putting together recipes and product ideas and figuring out how they could make their idea a reality. After a name change to The Wonky Food Company ®, the team are ready to launch their first range of products (with many more to come), on their mission to tackle the global problem of food waste and encourage everyone to value more and waste less.

Meet the team

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